3 Coffee Facts you probably didn’t know

1. Who discovered coffee?

Mr. Kaldi, an Ethiopian herdsman, discovered the coffee berry around 850. Well… actually his goat did! The goat chewed on the red berries and made constant loud sounds of enjoyment. Kaldi noticed that and brought these magic berries to the nearest monastery.

2. Coffee is a fruit!

What are coffee beans? Pits of a berry! Yes, we call them coffee beans, but in fact, they are the seeds of the red (or purple) cherry-like coffee fruit. 

3. The first webcam was created to check a coffee pot

In the Computer Laboratory of the University of Cambridge, a coffee machine was the inspiration for the world’s first webcam in 1991. No scientist liked arriving at an empty coffee pot.

These Coffee Facts are just perfect for your next Trivia Night! 😄

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