These 25 lifestyle changes will save you money 💲

This checklist will help you save a lot of money.

1. Set up a home gym in the basement. (Skip expensive fitness memberships)
2. Start your mornings with a cup of coffee brewed at home. (No Starbucks)
3. Bring your coffee/lunch to work.
4. Sell stuff you don’t need/use.
5. Don’t do food shopping while you are hungry.

6. Always invest your savings.
7. Make sure you have an emergency fund when things go wrong.
8. Don’t go into debt.
9. Ditch that (cable) TV. (Use YouTube)
10. Visit your local library and read more books! (This is an ultra-cheap and time-consuming hobby)

11. Prepare your food at home. (Think about the health benefits as well)
12. Stop smoking.
13. Go booze-free.
14. Take care of your health.
15. Don’t try to impress others. (‘Showing off’ can be very expensive)

16. Don’t cheap out on every single thing you buy, you’ll need to replace cheap things more often.
17. Move to a cheaper place.
18. Chasing coupons and special offers trigger impulsive buying behavior. (Just buy the things you really need)
19. Buy used stuff. (You can often resell it for the exact same price or more)
20. Always find the Best Deal using Price Comparison Websites/Apps.

21. Skip the newspaper, read the news ONLINE.
22. Travel during off-peak season.
23. Avoid materialistic people. (They are less happy anyway)
24. Start your own vegetable garden.
25. Downgrade to a cheaper cell phone plan. (Downgrade your Smartphone as well)

Automate these habits to see your spending decrease!

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