5 Brown Rice Health Benefits

5 Brown Rice Health Benefits!  ★★★★★What are the top 5 brown rice health benefits?Brown rice is high in magnesium = good for your heart.Rich in anti-oxidants!High in manganese = helps the body synthesize fats.A slow-release sugar = stabilizes blood sugar levels.And, last but not least, it is perfect baby food!

Coffee Memes & Quotes

As a coffee enthusiast (or even addict) I have to post these! ☕”I don’t drink coffee to wake up, I wake up to drink coffee””I Am Coffee””Excuse me, Is that coffee I smell?”

Top 10 Spectacular Bridges

These are my Top 10 spectacular bridges you have to see to believe! Thanks to all contributors for the stunning photography! 💖

Addicted To Fruit…Top 3 Healthiest Fruits

👯 Addicted To Fruit…Top 3 Healthiest FruitsWhat are the healthiest fruits?1. GrapefruitGrapefruit, widely considered to be THE healthiest citrus fruit on the planet.It’s a good source of vitamins and minerals, and well known for its ability to aid weight loss and the reduction of insulin resistance.2. PineappleAmong the tropical fruits, pineapple is the nutrition superstar. They are rich …

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