5 Snacks to keep you COOL!

Top 5 delicious snacks to keep you cool… let’s start! 👯5. Frozen grapesMake sure you wash your grapes, dry them off with a tea towel and put them in the fridge for half an hour.4. WatermelonI prefer to store them (in chunks) in the freezer for a while.  Don’t worry, they won’t lose any flavor! Extremely refreshing!3. Homemade Icy polesIcy poles …

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Colorful Healthy Drinks

To be honest, just looking at photos of colorful drinks can be enough to lower my stress level. 😆 Here are my picks (or pics) of the day… Enjoy the heat! ❤Water & LimeStrawberry JuiceA fresh glass of health!Have some berries! ❤